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John Kyriakou. Good thing you don't need to pronounce it correctly as you read it to yourself.


I've worked in ad agencies since the age of sixteen. Some small, some big. Agencies such as Clemengers, Y&R, JWT, Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi. I've worked in many parts of the world. Australia, Asia, Canada, USA and the UK.

The one thing they all had in common? They couldn't pronounce my name. I've had Karaoke, Krackers, Kay, Kuriakin (as in the Man From UNCLE). 

So when I started my business, I fell into the same trap. Hence, JayKay.

I began in the dispatch department of an agency in Melbourne where I shuffled around the rest of the agency to get a feel for how all the parts worked together. And they did in those days.

I ended up in the Creative Department as a writer and have been one ever since. Sure I have had management roles as Chairman and CEO, but still managed to get a few words in here and there.

Most of the years have been as a Creative Director.

Do I have the qualifications to put together this book? I guess time will tell. But hey, it's done now and it's all here in black and white.

I would never have the gall to aim this book at those already making their mark in creative departments. 

What I have worked on is hundreds of clients. Start-ups, conglomerates, local, international.


This book is designed for them. For owners who have an appreciation of brand over business. For marketing folk who think a little deeper than likes and hits. For any business with a story to tell. An undiscovered story.


But especially for those companies who still believe in being human more than robotic.

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